The Community Service Learning Program’s projects are always issue based, meaning they will focus on actual issues and needs identified by the community. See how the CSL Program has positively impacted the needs of our community through the following testimonials from community organizations we have worked with.

"Learning to use the computer has helped me to chat with my grandchildren and my family.  It was wonderful to see pictures of my new great grandson just hours after he was born!"

-Flo Michaud, Fernbrae Manor—Senior’s Isolation Project 

“To have students and the clients working together was such a positive feeling.  Because of this project clients did connect with loved ones and made peace with other situations.  The feeling of community was definitely amongst us all.”

- Veronica Cowan, Former Caseworker Manager, Kelowna’s Gospel Mission—Connecting at Christmas Project 

“Thank you for conducting such an excellent Poverty and Homeless Action Week program at the UBC-O Campus.  It achieved more than I had hoped. 

I believe we were able to educate many students about the issue of hunger and poverty in our community.  The students were able to raise much needed food and funds for the Kelowna Community Food Bank’s valuable programming.  These students are inspirational ~ we really appreciate their support and look forward to an ongoing partnership!”

-Lenetta Thordarson, Associate Executive Director, Kelowna Community Food Bank  - PHAW

“The students’ enthusiasm and energy was wonderful.  They paid careful attention to detail, took a creative approach that was outside the box, and delivered a very positive experience.  It was a pleasure to watch them bring the project together.” 

-Barb Hagan, Former Executive Director Project Literacy - Human Computer Interaction Project

“The names of murdered women must never be forgotten as their lives were meaningful and society as a whole has suffered the loss of their contribution and potential. These pieces will help reinforce the community’s connection with the victims.” 

-Micki Smith, Former Executive Director, Women’s Resource Centre—Violence Against Women Project

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