Community Service Learning is able to enhance student learning by making connections between the theory taught in the classroom and application of those theories in real-life situations. The community organizations involved become co-educators, providing valuable knowledge and insight into what the students are learning. Here is what some of our faculty partners have to say about the CSL projects their students were a part of.

“The project fits beautifully with the course I am teaching.  It is so important for students to connect this large-scale issue to their community and their lives.” 

-Ilya Parkins, Gender and Womens Studies—Violence Against Women Project

“Connecting at Christmas was a wonderful project for my art education students. The visits to the Kelowna Gospel Mission really made the project real.  Their general  conclusions were that the people were really nice and they had some amazing stories.  There is no question that this experience increased the student’s awareness and empathy.”

-Sharon McCoubrey, Associate Dean, Faculty of Education - Connecting at Christmas Project

 “Community Service Learning projects allow students to take knowledge learned in the classroom and apply it directly to the real world.  For faculty members it is an opportunity to see students completely engaged with their learning.  No need to motivate students to learn, the motivation is provided by the projects.    In reading written examination questions, I was amazed at the fluency in which students described theoretical concepts.  These concepts had not been memorized in rote fashion but were descriptions based on experience and a clear understanding of the theory.

Faculty members who incorporate Community Service Learning in their courses have the rare opportunity to connect with the community, gaining insight into the real world problems and concerns.  The discussion that takes place between the community agencies and faculty members facilitates problem solving and the exchange of ideas which can be mutually beneficial.” 

-Linda Hatt, PsychologyHealth Psychology Project

 “By incorporating service learning into this course students were able to evaluate a real website, work with users to identify how easy or difficult it was to use, and then design a new website that would take those elements into consideration. They now better understand the process of obtaining user information – including how careful you must be when interviewing people and how sensible you must be – they have ultimately become better listeners.”

-Patricia Lasserre, Computer ScienceHuman Computer Interaction Project 

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