Critical Reflectionexp

Critical reflection is the process where program participants use their critical thinking skills to analyze their experiences, attitudes, beliefs and how these were shaped or changed by the project. Here are some of the excerpts from student’s critical reflection of their experiences.

“The three days I spent with the Learning Exchange are possibly three of the best days I think I’ve ever spent in my life.  For the first time in a very long time, I felt like I was doing something worthwhile with my time. I wish that there were more programs which got university students involved in the community and real world while they were in school.  Knowledge means nothing until applied and life is so much more complex than the theories we learn in a classroom.”

-Taryn Scammell, Student—University Experience Project

“This was one of the most meaningful volunteer projects I have ever been a part of... In future I would make this volunteer project mandatory.”

-Liam Randhawa, Sociology Student—Senior’s Isolation Project  

"I came to the Mission thinking that I was going to help someone, when in fact they were actually helping me".

-Amy Banerd, Student—Connecting at Christmas Project

“I don’t know much about the challenges facing homeless people in our community, so I thought this was a good way to teach myself a few things and I’m so glad I came.  It’s just great – this community learning and service learning and my experience here has made me think that I’ll definitely look for other ways to volunteer.”

-Blaine Jones, Education student—Connecting at Christmas Project

“Overall, this assignment had a powerful impact on me; opening my eyes to reality and allowing me to apply my understandings of the concepts discussed in class directly through a hands on project.” 

-Breanne Lalonde, Student—Violence Against Women Project

“I felt I had a responsibility to this woman, as well as her family to honour her properly and respectfully. I am honoured to have been given the chance to relate to her and get to know her story, as difficult as it was, it is important that all of these women be remembered.”

-Kelsey McLellan, Student—Violence Against Women Project 

“Knowing these kids look up to me as a role model and anticipate our time together prompts me to keep going back. They might not actually tell you they appreciate you, but you’ll see the difference you make just by being there.”  

-Rebecca Wong, Student Mentor—Mentorship Program

“I would have to say I learnt more from actually doing the project and actually applying it with real clients than anything I learned in the classroom.” 

-Andrew Jankovich, Student—Human Computer Interaction Project

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